Sunday, October 28, 2012

9mm-44 cal bullets/brass for sale

This is a partial listing of a large lot of supplies I purchased.
Shipping will be either FedEx or USPS flat rate.
Shipping usually runs small flate rate $8.00 insured medium flat rate $13.00 to $17.00 insured.
Payment accepted bank check or money order.
Anyone who purchases all of a lot; say all the .224 bullets I'll pay shipping! A lot consist of all the bullets in a particular calibre.

All bullets that are packaged in box quanities of 100 will only be sold by the hundred. Bulk bullets such as the 6k 9mm 115gr JHP will be sold in any quanity desired up to 6,500 +-k. Since I have to count them out you can expect a slight price increase.

Items listed are what I was given when I made my bid on the lot.Numbers I.E. count is as they were delivered to me.

These items are being offered here first and will hit the auctions in a few weeks. I will list items on my page.

Regards BPB

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Reloading Components:
Bullets: SOLD Quan: $$
Sierra .4295 Dia. 240 gr. JHC (700 ct.) 700 $25.0 per bx sold by the hundred/box
Sierra .4295 Dia. 300 gr. JSP (100 ct.) 100 $30.00 for the box
Hornady .430 Dia. 200 gr. HP-XTP (100 ct.)100 $25.00
Hornady .430 Dia. 240 gr. HP-XTP (100 ct.) 100 $25.00
 Take all the .44 cal bullets and shipping included

800 pcs of 44m brass various manufactures.Some new POR

Sierra .355/9mm 115gr. JHP (1200 ct) 1200 $15.00 box
Hornady .355/9mm 124gr. FMJ-RN (400 ct.) 100 $15.00 box
Take all 1,600 bullets and shipping included

C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 115gr. FMJ-RN (189 ct.) 189 $18.90
C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 124gr. FMJ-RN (88 ct.) 88 $13.20
C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 135gr. FMJ-RN (250 ct.) 250 $37.50
C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 115gr. JHP (500 ct.) 500 $75.00
C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 115gr. JHP (800 ct.) 800 $120.00
Take all the C.P. bullets and shipping included.

Mfg. unknown .355/9mm 115gr. JHP (6,500+-) @.15ea or $1,000.00 for all 6,600+-k
These bulk bullets are weighed in 2 boxes one is 47.5 pounds the other 61 pounds. Total weight is 108.5lbs

Over 4,000 pcs of 9mm brass various manufactures. POR

SOLD pending funds and count!
Actual count 1,200
Sierra .224 Dia. 55gr. Spitzer BT (700ct.) 700 @.15ea
Sierra .224 Dia. 40gr. HP (100 ct.) 100 @.15ea
Hornady .224 Dia. 53gr. HP Match (200 ct.) 200 @.15ea
Nosler .224 Dia. 45gr. Hornet SPBT (200 ct.) 200 @.15ea

FMJ = full metal jacket, BT = boat tail, SP = soft point
HP = hollow point, JHP = jacketed hollow point,
RN = round nose, XTP = Hornady’s extra terminal performance
JHC = jacketed hollow cavity, JSP = jacketed soft point

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