Tuesday, September 25, 2012

44 cal Brass,Die set & Bullets for Sale

I sell reloading supplies and have just purchased a huge lot of items which included 44cal, brass,bullets,dies.
This is a partial listing of a large lot of supplies I purchased.

Shipping will be either FedEx or USPS flat rate.
Shipping usually runs small flate rate $8.00 insured medium flat rate $13.00 to $17.00 insured.

Payment accepted bank check or money order.

Anyone who purchases all of a lot; say all the .224 bullets I'll pay shipping! A lot consist of all the bullets in a particular calibre.

[color:#FF0000]All bullets that are packaged in box quanities of 100 will only be sold by the hundred. [/color]Bulk bullets such as the 6k 9mm 115gr JHP will be sold in any quanity desired up to 6,500 +-k. Since I have to count them out you can expect a slight price increase.

Items listed are what I was given when I made my bid on the lot. Numbers I.E. count is as they were delivered to me.
Quanties may not be exact.
Verified before shipping

Regards BPB
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Reloading Components:

Bullets: SOLD Quan: $$

Sierra .4295 Dia. 240 gr. JHC (700 ct.) 7 @ $25.00 sold by the hundred/box
Sierra .4295 Dia. 300 gr. JSP (100 ct.) 1 @ $30.00 for the box
Hornady .430 Dia. 200 gr. HP-XTP (100 ct.)100 $25.00

Hornady .430 Dia. 240 gr. HP-XTP (100 ct.) 100 $25.00
Take all the .44 cal bullets and shipping included

44 Magnum, Win. Virgin brass (100 ct.) $25 per 100
44 Magnum, Midway virgin brass,(100 ct.)$30 per 100
44 Magnum, R.P. fired once, tumbled(250 ct.)$35 per 250
44 Magnum, R.P. in 50 ct. plastic boxes (100)$25 per 100
44 Magnum Fed cleaned and deprimed (212ct.) $60 per 212 A
All for $150.00 shipped

44 cal dies $40.00 shipped
Take the brass and the dies and total price is $180.00 shipped

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