Sunday, August 26, 2012

NY State Sen. Shirley Huntley Says She Will Be Arrested~Another Sham charity

NY State Sen. Shirley Huntley Says She Will Be Arrested;

When will the people wake up and throw these thieves out of office? BPB

Submitted by Peter Flaherty on Sat, 08/25/2012 - 20:59

Printer-friendlyEmail to friendNew York State Senator Shirley Huntley (D-Queens) announced on Saturday that she expects to be arrested on Monday on corruption charges. In March 2011, NLPC exposed a sham charity she founded called The Parent Workshop, to which she steered tens of thousands in taxpayer money.

According to the New York Times today:

She said she did not know the charges, but her announcement came months after one of her aides and three others were charged with stealing taxpayer money from a nonprofit group that Ms. Huntley founded.

NLPC's Huntley allegations were a byproduct of our investigation of U. S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), and a sham charity with which he was associated called New Direction Local Development Corporation. Among other irregularities, New Direction raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who did not receive any assistance.

As described in the New York Post in March 2011:
Sham charities are a way of political life in southeast Queens, where a number of elected officials are under investigation for steering money to groups they founded -- and which were often staffed by cronies -- and whose mission and spending is dubious.

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