Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Letter to Governor Cuomo Regarding Federal Funding

 The following letter has been sent to Governor Cuomo along with Senators DeFrancisco (Senate Finance Committee Chair), Seward (Assistant Majority Leader, Conf. Ops) and Skelos (Temporary President and Majority Leader) and Assembly Members Silver (Speaker) and Farrell (Ways & Means Committee Chair).

 The New York State Conservation Council, Inc. (NYSCC), representing over 100 organizations and 900 hunting, fishing and trapping clubs is deeply concerned that the funds generated through taxes and fees by the sporting community are in danger of being lost to New York. The loss of federal Pittman Robertson and Dingell Johnson funding, which could be as much as $20 million, is not acceptable.

 Section 13-a of Part U of the Revenue Article VII in the enacted FY 2012-2013 State Budget will cause a loss of funding for the management of our natural resources, fish, wildlife and habitat. Sound natural resource management benefits the economy of our state through stakeholders in their pursuit of outdoor recreational opportunities. The sportsmen and women who faithfully paid the taxes and fees on firearms, hunting goods, fishing poles and equipment will be cheated out of their fair share under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife guidelines.

How can legislators claim to be responsible and working for the people when they go down the road of losing millions of the peoples’ hard earned dollars? We the people and stakeholders deserve better!


Howard O. Cushing, Jr.

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