Monday, February 6, 2012

Crossbow's, Compond Bow's & Scopes on Muzzle Loaders

As I sit here in Western Georgia pondering the states hunting and fishing guide I have to say that; No longer are traditional hunting implements, traditional.

 My email exploded earlier this week with Face Book comments. Damn I hate when people think I want to be included in every FaceBook rant,post,comment and game.

This latest outburst has to do with the NYS DEC considering to make the crossbow full time hunting implement AND to include it in the archery season.  LOL

 Here is an 1973 article from Floyd King. I scanned this a few years back as Tom Melkoity and I are friends. We shoot muzzle loaders together.

It's posted at this link.

Compound bow article 1973

I can also remember attending a few meetings  in the mid 1980's after moving to NY state that some NY sportsmen were whining they didn't want kinds in the woods hunting deer either.

That's not a problem in Georgia. In fact, Georgia has a bill to do away with carry permits,finger prints and fees.


Ya'll enjoy! I'm headed out to purchase a hunting and fishing license so I can take my 5 yr old Grand Daughter out fishing and then we'll go look for some limb bacon.

Regards, BPB

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