Sunday, January 1, 2012

Revolver? How about a .327 magnum!

I started looking for a revolver to carry besides my Ruger sp101 in 38+p as it's to bulky.

   And I'm not a big pistol fan.
.327 Federal Magnum

I noticed a few manufactures offering the .327 mag. it is a 32 cal in magnum form. This little power house offers 3 different cartridges you can use. 32 S&W, 32 H&R mag and the latest 327m.

Charter Arms and Taurus offer them and they'd no doubt the be the least expensive of the manufactures. I see wholesale they are asking just below the $300.00 mark so if you can find one used in that price range snatch it up. A new retail revolver should go for a realistic $350.00.

The .327m cartridge never caught on, but many folks use the 32 H&R mag for steel target work.

wiki has a good write up on the .327 cartridge.

I have a 32-20 Savage rifle and it is a nice light recoiling cartridge. You load it with a 85 or 95 h
 Hornady XTP and it makes one nice light deer rifle cartridge,as well as a great small game stopper when loaded with cast bullets. Yea I know, some folks are going to whine the 32-20 is in-adequate for deer. IMO Folks who think like that are brain washed anyway. Like the ones who think a 222 or 223 is to light for deer.
 Why kill yourself or a new shooter by offering them your manly man gun.

I'd take a 32-20 in a revolver and be just as happy. The only advantage I see, (that is for me); between the two, is the .327 is a straight wall case and reloading is easier over the 30-20 thin neck bottlenecked case.

Regards, BPB

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