Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fill er up at BP folks. A lesson in Eastern history.

Today's lesson in history.
This is a must read.
First we stage a coup in Iran because of communisim so the British told the Eisenhower administration. Truman threw the Brits out of his office because, America doesn't stage the over throw of another government. 
Wait ~hold on~commies = British oil that's it, the oil. Kermit Roosevelt was the CIA planner. WOW here's a kid who couldn't fill his GrandDad's left shoe. Fast forward to 2011 & we find them Iranians have nukes. No their commies~Wait the oil.
After the big win, no commies were found. Kind-a like weapons of mass distruction ain't it?
Hum, her's another familiar name,US General Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr. NOOOOOOO WAY! DAD is that you? AND his job was? Helping the new Shaw create the secret police the Savak.
Ya know keeping the commies out and all that. 
The Shaw held his country in a not so nice fashion untill the Islamic revolution of 1979. So the line to hatred against the United States was started by? The British , they lacked the balls to do it on their own.
All these problems we face today draw a line right back to the UK. Fill er up at BP folks~today!
Cause when the SHTF in Iran you can count on walking. The last 2 fuel shortages were BS hoaxes, this one will be real.

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