Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sportsmen tell DEC "NO" to Antler Restrictions.

For the life of me I just don't understand why ever 6 months sportsmen groups keep telling the DEC "NO" to antler restrictions.  Anyone with half a brain who believes the AR hype that creating an artificial food base or food plot in the woods makes for bigger bucks is as loony as a shithouse rat.  Here , Look at these big Texas bucks...never mind everyone of the deer pictured in the AR rags are of special breeding and are bred a prize bull.

These people, the AR group who lobby the government to restrict state lands, the people's land, need to go through 6 grade American history again. Keep it up fellas, regulate us out of business.

Interestingly enough is a youth deer season, WTH, I thought changing the opening day of the southern zone big game was suppose to get "Kids" I.E. the family out together, so NY's youth would not have to skip school to hunt with PaPa & Dad.

Here is another letter of NO support to the DEC:


14 Leonard Drive. Schenectady, NY 12309

President-Bob Mudge Vice President-Frank Carey
Secretary-Kevin Busch Treasurer-Bill Ackner

NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
C/o Deer Management Plan
625 Broadway
Albany, N.Y. 12233-4754

Dear DEC.

The ACCA supports Antler Restrictions only through voluntary participation. Over 3,100 Sportspeople residing in Albany County in two separate votes in 2009 and 2011 voted 90% against Mandatory Antler Restrictions, 10% for.

I would also add that at the March 2011 Reg.4 New York State Conservation Council meeting that the vote was 7 to 2 against Antler restriction.

Also included with Albany County vote was Crossbow use and by a 70% for Crossbow use in all legal deer seasons vrs 30% opposed to crossbow use in the Archery Season

We support the creation of a Youth Deer Season for Columbus Day weekend. This is a great way along with Legislation to lower the minimum age to 12 to hunt Big Game to encourage the Youth of our State to participate.

We also support that DEC will set the quotas for the Wildlife Management Units for the taking of Antlerless Deer in the state and by what implement. DEC should be the controlling interest of Management of the NYS Deer Herd through sound Science.
Thank you for your time.

Kevin Busch

Secretary Albany County Conservation Alliance

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