Thursday, October 7, 2010

NY pistol permit data base bill needs support

Okay, here ya go you stomped and cried now make those calls. BPB

As you know, an individual accessed legally licensed pistol permit owners’ names and addresses from the New York State Police and then put the information out to the public on a website.  The NYSCC has FOILed the NYS Police to find out who is responsible for this inappropriate action.  We are seeking legislation to close the gap to an existing law amended in 1994 (subdivision 5 of section 400.00 of the Penal Law) which allows disclosure only of the name and address of the approved applicant.

Senate Bill 8456 introduced by Senator Joseph Griffo would help correct this atrocity.  On October 4, 2010 President Cushing got Senator Roy McDonald to also sign onto this landmark legislation.  Senator McDonald issued the following statement:  “Due to the reckless and short-sighted actions of websites on the Internet, everyone has the ability to access the New York State Police pistol or revolver permit registry and all of the names and addresses of legal firearms owners.  Police agencies across the state are powerless to prevent criminals from utilizing this information for their own purposes.  Criminals can now tell whether a household is protected or not.  Most disturbing is what the exposure of this information does to individuals who may have been victims of spousal or sexual abuse.”

The NYSCC urges you to contact the following legislators and thank them for their support; hopefully we can get more legislators to sign on.  The work has only begun; we need a compatible bill in the Assembly and then must have it signed by the Governor.  Contact and say “thanks” to the following for sponsoring S 8456:

Senator Joseph Griffo     518/455-3334 phone

Senator William Larkin   518/455-2770 phone

Senator Betty Little        518/455-2811 phone

Senator Michael Nozzol   518/455-2366 phone

Senator Roy McDonald   518/455-2381 phone

Howard O. Cushing, Jr., President
NYS Conservation Council
Phone 518/674-2961

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