Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dance The Kirsten Gillibrand~Flip Flop

For all those New Yorker's who have a 9 minuet memory and for those who can't remember you and Quomo worked at HUD and brought down America & home owners to there knees.~

Well it's true, she flips and flops like a fish on the deck. What has made matters worst she ran right to Senator Schumer and NYC forgetting about the rest of us. Last night I saw one of her TV campaign commercials, I was not impressed. I'm sure many central and western New Yorkers are  Ohhh and Ahhhing her with the typical , Oh she's cute and smart.
Yea well so what.

If you're into electing pretty faces then you're part of the clueless mass. You bitch about loosing money in your retirement account and blame Wall Street, which in part was there fault. But you forget what caused this depression. People like Gillibrand,Cuomo and yes even the Bush's have not done one damn thing to right decades of wrongs. Wrongs that have stripped the poor and middle class of what little we have.
 Our retirements have been stolen by the corrupt government,union and wall street leaders. These people while they are put on display in one of the government's mock trails will almost always walk away with more money/wealth than most of us will ever have.
 What is akin to a street act monkey show is the way the politicians line up to demand justice & a new law.

I say What The Hell!!

You sat by and watched this go down, you were on the committee, wrote the law then approved the bill to sack American citizens of every penny possible. So last night you have the gall to come around 2 months before your election & blow smoke up my ass and expect me to vote for you.
 Yea right, well here's a pair of flip flops for you to wear on the campain trail so the people can tell where you stand on the real issues

 Welcome to the new line of  Kirsten sports wear!
Get a pair or get out.
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