Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Montana antis comment

From past NTA President Jim Buell~
The antis just keep on trying till sportsmen forget ,which is usually around hunting season. See the antis don't take time off to hunt,fish,trap or shoot. Why you ask , well they have no life so they figure they might as well ruin everyone else's.


The last day to collect signatures and turn them in to county election administrators was June 18th. The county election administrators have until July 16th to verify or disqualify the signatures and send to the Secretary of State in Helena. As of last Friday there were 19,534 signatures verified & 29 election districts qualified; they need 24,337 signatures verified & 34 election districts qualified; so they need another 5650 signatures and 5 more election districts.

The 1st two weeks after the cut off date about 6000 signatures were verified and sent to Helena, the next week about 2150 and last week 847; so I am hopeful that it does not qualify, but we are still in the "its going to qualify mood" until we know for sure.

According to Connie Poten; Footloose Montana Secretary , Board Member and Montanan’s for Trap Free Public Lands Vice Chairman it doesn’t matter.

Taken from the Billings Gazette, Friday June 18, 2010;
Connie Poten of Missoula, a volunteer for Montanans for Trap-Free Public Lands, said Friday that she didn’t know if the group had secured enough signatures. Supporters were still gathering signatures on Friday. “I think we’re right on the edge”, she said. “If we didn’t make it, it’s just practice because we’ll be doing it again”.

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