Sunday, April 25, 2010

For Sale – Complete Rendezvous Camp Setup With 2 Tents!

Dear Black Powder Bill,
I am not a member of your group but I did shoot flintlocks 20 years ago. I am selling all my rendezvous stuff and thought your group may have someone who is interested in it. I would appreciate it if you could list the items or pass on to someone you think would be interested. Thank you very much,
Brian Hall

For Sale – Complete Rendezvous Camp Setup With 2 Tents!

Main items include a wall tent with fly, dropcloth, sides for fly, poles, stakes, and rope tensioners. Small wedge tent that is perfect as a short-term tent or for storage at longer rendezvous.

Would cost over $3500 plus shipping if new, will sell for $2200 or best offer. Items in less than good condition have condition mentioned. Would prefer to sell as whole package but will sell portions if no buyer for complete setup. Located in northern Worcester County, Massachusetts. Items include:

-wall tent, Tentsmiths made
-awning (AKA fly), Tentsmiths made
-awning side curtains (2)
-tent poles with rods in end, 2x2s and 2x6 mainbeams, for tent and awning
-tent stakes (3/8" square steel)
-rope tensioners
-wooden box for ropes, stakes, tensioners, also a stool
-wedge tent, great for equipment, Panther Primatives, repaired stake loops (leather), no poles (needs three), approx 6.6' x 5'

-water cask, 10 gallon, upright with hinged lid
-(2) dutch ovens, cast iron
-fry pans, cast iron (2)
-cast iron pot (cauldron), ~1 gallon capacity, 9" tall, with lid and handle
-fire grid, handforged and fire welded, ~1'x2.5'
-fire grid, folding
-colonial toaster, flip style
-charcoal brazier
-cooking tools and hooks
-trivet, hand forged
-coffee pots (blue enamel ware) (3)
-fire tripod (small)
-fire tripod (large, 4' tall)
-cooking fork, ladel, spatula (handforged steel)

-ceramic wash basin
-two camp tables, one folds, one has removable legs
-lanterns, wooden (3), could use cleaning
-lantern, pierced tin
-lantern, pierced tin, electric for home use
-fire bellows
-sweeping broom (made by Ahearn)
-lantern hangers (shepher crooks), (4)
-wooden boxes (for cooler or storage) (2)
-tomahawks (2)
-blanket, 4 Point Witney, a couple of small holes (<1" diameter)
-blankets, wool, small/thin grey ones (2)
-misc handmade pottery, slipware bowls, saltglazed mugs, pitcher

-capote, Northwest Traders, red blanket black stripe, adult size, hardly used
-La Pelletiere buckskin pants, fringe on sides, horn button fly, gussetted waist (~34-40" waist), could use cleaning

Please contact Brian for more information cell: (978) 249-6806 please leave message.

Ontario,NY. 14519

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