Friday, January 1, 2010

Reality, so hard for so many

Here is the latest article , in part mentions one of 2009's sportsmen issues.
I'll post the so you all can read the entire thing.
Meanwhile NYSMLA & NYB have to endure another side jab by one of NY's premier outdoor writers.

Another year of ups and downs

By Dick Nelson
Published: Thursday, December 31, 2009 2:16 AM EST

In September, the New York Bowhunters Inc and the New York State Muzzleloaders Association forwarded a signed compromised agreement to DEC Commissioner Grannis that would provide archers with an additional 15 days afield, and give muzzleloaders a five day early “primitive” muzzleloading season. And they did this without once mentioning crossbows. Thank heavens the inmates are not yet guarding the asylum, and saner minds prevail.

left in the papers web site comments section~~

BPB reply:
Dick, Spot on as usual. We never did mention the illegal crossbow. Nor was their any mention of Dove hunting or blaze orange in the proposal.But what I continue to notice is a few outdoors writers refusal to promote tools for the handicap that are in production today. It is a very sad reading how a crippled Vet has to wait for a crossbow to become a legal hunting weapon when a draw-loc or line-lock is at the ready.

Oh crap I forgot about the Trappers Cable Restraint bill~& I also did it with out calling a muzzleloader a firearm in the new definition of a "primitive weapon".

Regards, BPB

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