Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NEPR @ Newark Valley ,NY

Last week took me down to the NEPR for a few days. The friendship lodge was set up and Chris & Joey Smith again allowed me to stay in their tent. We had great weather and a pretty good turn out. The NYSMLA affiliate has done fantastic job of working with the local historical society.
I finally meet Booshway Jeff Hunt , we've been on cyber airwaves for a spell and spoke by phone several times.

Jeff twisted my arm to drink a few ice cold Coors~ LOL

This pre-1840 event will offer black powder shoots, knife throwing and primitive archery, as well as numerous demonstration in and around the grounds of the primitive farmstead. After the public weekend, the rest of the week will be left for workshops on horn making, woodworking, black powder shooting, blacksmithing, churning butter, weaving and more.

You can find out more about muzzle loading and vous by visiting. Come visit us @

Hey enjoy the articles.
President NYSMLA

Here are 2 links to the event one contains a video~

Ithaca Journal article

Historical encampment

You'll note the opening shot features Joey Smith in front of the NYSMAL.org friendship lodge.

By WBNG News
Story Created: Jul 12, 2009 at 10:48 PM EDT
Story Updated: Jul 13, 2009 at 12:00 AM EDT
Newark Valley has been overcome with hundreds of campers who are living in the past.
Watch The Video
The historical society is holding a primitive celebration showcasing the lifestyle of the 1800's.
Action News reporter Rachael Hidalgo takes us to the camp.

These people in Newark Valley are traveling back in time.

More than 400 people have set up their tents and banned all modern technology.
They're living as people did between 1640 and 1840.
"We think it's important to show people the skills and the knowledge that our fore-fathers had. And a lot of things are just plain interesting," says Organizer Jerry Rhodes.
Like the daily menu.
Take a look at what's on the dinner table tonight.... fresh roasted pig.
"You just never cease to learn something here every time you come here. You just never cease. If you have a talent you share that with people. For me, it's cooking," says chef Leslie Page.
Although these tents may seem primitive, everyone here says this is pretty much a vacation for them from the hectic, modern world.
"It's a lot more fun than people think, you know you really, people rely, especially today a lot on electronics, and everyone's like oh computer, IM, Facebook, you don't miss it at all," says camper Elizabeth "Wizza" Miller.
While going back in time may not be appeal to everyone, for the families here, it's a way to bond . . . and live the history that shaped our country.
In Newark Valley, Rachael Hidalgo, WBNG-TV Action News.

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