Friday, August 1, 2008

FLCC DEC Region 8 Report

Region 8 Report


By NYSCC Region 8 Director Glen Adams

Chemung County Federation of Sportsmen; The law extending Rifle hunting in Chemung County was signed extending allowing the use of Rifles for Big Game for another three years.

Genesee County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs; Worked on behalf of the sportsmen to preserve the John White Memorial Game Management area bought with Pitman Robertson and NYS conservation funds for sportsmen and women. Area politicians had tried to grab a hold of this land for a veteran’s cemetery. A veteran cemetery is a worthy cause for Genesee County but not a proper use of this land. Genesee County Federation also has annually been a contributor to the Genesee County Envirothon. Many of the individual clubs within the county have sponsored, Jakes day events, children fishing derbies and sent children to DEC conservation camp.

Livingston County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs; Has and is the Co-Sponsor with the NYS DEC for the National Hunting and Fishing Days at the East Avon regional headquarters. This event takes a lot of effort from the Livingston County Federation and draws thousands of visitors every year. Our congratulations go out to the group for their Herculean efforts put forth for this event. Livingston County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs has also been putting effort into getting a law passed to allow the use of rifles within Livingston County from US Route 20A south. Although it did not get put up for a vote in the State Legislature this year they are working to get it passed.

Monroe County Conservation Council; Has sent many children to the DEC Conservation camp as have many other groups in our region. The group has worked on fishing derby at Powder Mill Park and others. This group has the largest population in our region with the most State Legislators, but suffers from the apathy of many of the clubs in County not participating in the County Conservation Council. This is not a unique of Monroe County alone. This is a problem many of our county’s experience to one degree or another.

Ontario County; The Apathy that I mentioned in Monroe County is even more severe in this county as it does not have a Federation or participation in the NYSCC.

Orleans County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs; have sent many children to DEC conservation camp. They have also sponsored a children’s fishing derby and been involved in walleye rearing and stocking. Due to VHS, they were unable to stock this year. The group has been very concerned and worked to get public access to Oak Orchard Creek for trout and salmon fishing.

Schuyler County Federation of Sportsmen’s clubs: Schuyler County was awarded approx $5,000 from the Habitat fund to maintain some grass lands.

Seneca County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs; Has been very active in our region monitoring and actively participating in the happenings at the Old Seneca Army Depot. This group has been working with and trough the Seneca White Deer to try and preserve as much or the property and possible for conservation purposes. This group has been actively sponsoring children for DEC conservation camp, supplying fishing poles to libraries for lending. Barbra Wells and Seneca County are heading up the NYSCC presents and the Empire Farm Days at Waterloo.

Steuben County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs; Steuben county has again been allowed to use rifle for big game hunting by the law that was signed by Governor Patterson extending rifle use for the next three years. Steuben has annually been active at the County Fair. They represent the sportsmen to the public in putting on displays at their log cabin. This takes a lot of effort and they are to be congratulated.

Wayne County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs; this group has been very active in pheasant rearing and stocking, sponsoring children for the DEC Conservation camps. Wayne County Federation has invested several thousand dollars in books to libraries & Fur Fish Game magazine to libraries. Also a supporter with in the Eddie Eagle program the Sheriffs department teaches in the elementary schools. WCFSC also plays host the Youth fishing derby which is chaired by Al Schultz

Yates County Federation of Conservation Clubs; has sponsored a fishing children’s derby on Keuka Lake this last June. The Federation has sent many children to NYS DEC conservation camp in the past years.

Other area concerns: The Bear hunting zone is being moved northward. Bears have been increasingly encountered as far north as Monroe County and Lake Ontario. The Watershed of Canadice and Hemlock Lakes are being looked at for purchase by the DEC to preserve them for conservation uses. This is of particular concern as the state and the city of Rochester hit hard economic times. What ones looked as a very likely occurrence may be in jeopardy. That could lead to commercial development along these pristine waters. The water levels and shipping ballast regulations of the Great Lakes is a concern to our area and it often introduces unwanted problems into all of the Finger Lakes.

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